Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seven Random Facts

Okay . . .I was tagged by Alma to list seven random facts about me. . . so here they are:

1. I am the baby of 10 children. There are 23 years between my eldest sibling and me.

2. I have a thing for counting . . .go up a flight of stairs, I count the steps. . .weird, huh?

3. Before owning a stamp store, I worked in Clinical Research.

4. I love dogs . . . all types of dogs. . . big dogs, little dogs . . .doesn't matter . . . if it has four legs, fur and barks, I fall in love instantly.

5. I'm allergic to strawberries and pistachios. (Big bummer, cuz I love both!)

6. I love coffee. Good old fashioned coffee with milk . . . not cream, no sugar, no frou frou coffee drinks. . . just coffee.

7. Unless I absolutely have to go somewhere, I will stay in my jammies all day on Sunday.

There . . . seven random facts.

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