Friday, July 28, 2006

Early early early!

I just love it when the big brown truck comes and brings me packages earlier than expected. Guess what?!?! The August Stamp of the Month (SOM) is here!

Remember: You'll receive 50% off the SOM with ANY $25.00 purchase, plus a picture of the display board, plus instructions to complete all 6 projects! YAHOO!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

August Stamp of the Month

Here's the display board for the August Stamp of the Month. Isn't is fabulous? The stamps should be available on Tues., Aug. 1.

Fall Samples

I know, I know . . .with the record breaking temperatures here in San Diego, it almost seems like it's never going to cool off . . . but, Halloween will be here before we know it, so I thought I'd post a few samples here. Even more are posted in the Gallery.

So Rosie!

Just look look look how cute these samples are that Rosie made! Can you even stand it?? I just love her stuff!

No pictures

Okay . . .so I was supposed to post pictures of the Great Impressions board and a few other samples, but we had a class last night and I got home late . . .and I left my camera at the store. I guess I was tired.

Back to the class . . . it was DT Deb's first class. She was, in a word, amazing. Everyone had a great time and went home with a finished project. We stayed after class for a little while to discuss some other projects she is interested in teaching. Gotta tell ya . . .she's got some great stuff planned! Keep your eyes open for her stuff on the calendar.

Oh and remember in a previous post I mentioned monongram stamps from Hero Arts? Well, you can see a picture of them right here. Aren't they cool??

If the big brown truck stops by today, I'll enter another post.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lots o' Mags

Yippee! Not only did the big brown truck stop by with a box of The Stamper's Sampler Magazine, the big white truck stopped by with a box of PaperTrends Magazine! I just love new magazines . . .there is always so much inspiration in each issue . . .and each magazine is so different.

So, in between putting the new mags up on the rack, and dusting some of those very dusty shelves, I did manage to send off an order for some new mice . . .who are EVER so stinkin' cute dressed up for Halloween! Little Monica looks so sweet dressed up as a butterfly . . .

Ooooh! And I did receive the Great Impressions board (pics will be posted tonight, not only of the board but of a few other samples as well). The board is soooooo cute! Of course how could it not be? Just look at how cute those stamps are! Which brings me to: I should have the stamps by Tues., Aug. 1st. Those puppies, I think, will be going home with me. :D

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

justjohanna sneek peek

Uh oh . . .Johanna's at it again . .. just look at what she's got coming out in her next supplement. Wanna see more? Check out the Design Team's blogs . . .rumor has it there are a few more images there. (links are to the right)

Back to Work . . .

. . . and I hit the floor running!

While I was away (and my husband was having a paper sale) the big brown truck dropped off a box of Australian Magazines. Yep, there are two new issues of Stamping and PaperCraft available for your reading pleasure.

The new Halloween images from The Cat's Pajamas are now up on the shelf for you, too! Did you see the samples in my previous post? OH my! EVER so cute!

Today, the big brown truck stopped out front and unloaded orders from Memory Box (new cling mount flower set), Lockhart (oooooh! The fall images are soooo cute!), and A Muse ArtStamps (talk about a cute mummy!)

Christmas stamps are now decorating the shelves in full force! And quite a few of them are 40% off! Hurry . . .if you want any of them, now is the time to get them . .. when they're gone, they're gone.

So, in between checking in the new orders and getting them on the shelves, rearranging all the other shelves, I also placed another order with Memory Box for their new Spooky 6x6 pack and new halloween stamps. Check out how cute this board is:

And there are at least five other companies that I would like to order from in the next few weeks. While I've got that pen and calculator close by, send me an email to let me know what you would like to see.

Remember: I have email access at the store now! YAHOO!

CHA - Days 2 & 3

Day 2 - Since we just kind of walked around and scoped out the floor on Day 1, I decided to make a list of the vendors that I absolutely had to see . . .and by the end of the Day 2, I saw all but four booths on my list. I collected even more catalogs and was again overwhelmed by all the new goodies! I also knew that I really needed to start thinking about what I was going to order and get those forms filled out and turned in. Oh the choices! There was soooooo many new cardstock and paper lines that I could barely contain myself! I swear, I need to open a store for just paper!

Basic Grey didn't disappoint . . .the new lines (Gypsy and LilyKate) are just fabulous! AND, they are available is 6x6 packs. YAHOO! Yes, I'll be ordering those in the near future.

Die Cuts with a View . . .OH my! There are three new lines of paper that are too die for. Couldn't resist ordering these right away. And I ordered the 12x12 stacks for display sake. (I just don't have any more room in my paper racks). So, the three new collections are called "Far East" which has an Asian feel to it, "Old World" which has a vintage feel to it, and "Pocket Full of Posies" which has a sparkly feel to it . . .probably because it has glitter on the cardstock. Real glitter! Sooooooo sparkly! (Yes, Deb, I've already planned on setting one aside just for you.)

DCVW also has chipboard in packs that can very easily go through a Sizzix machine! And they come in packs of black and white, brights, and neutrals. I cannot wait to start playing with them! And a box of cards. You get a whole lotta boom for your buck. Here's what the box looks like.

There are a few other goodies that I ordered from DCWV, but I'm a little hazy on what exactly they are . . .I guess I'll be just as surprised as you when it comes in.

So, by the end of Day 2, I only placed one order with DCWV, but had plenty of catalogs to go through that night . . .except for . . . Johanna dragged me into "the city" to visit some stamp stores. (okay . . .she didn't really have to drag me. I was more than willing to go!)

First stop: Stampology. Cute little store. And they carried a good variety of stamps and paper. The girls there were very nice. I found some great stamps that just had to come home with me and a really cool flower punch. Hard to describe what it does, exactly, but the end result is way cool! They also had some great samples. Be sure to stop by and visit if you're in the area.

Next stop: Stamp on In. OH my! I loved this store! Rick and Terry (the owners) were very kind to us . . .they even stayed open late because Johanna just kept shopping and shopping and shopping . . . (and I thought I was bad!) Anyway, you simply MUST visit Stamp on In when you are in Chicago. You won't be disappointed at all! I came home with lots of goodies from their store . . . paper packs, embellishment kits, stamps (one for my sister), punches . . .the list goes on.

Last stop for the evening . . .dinner at a lovely Italian Restaurant. The food was fabulous, the wine was perfect, service was unsurpassed! Hey, Johanna: What was the name of that restaurant? I can't find my card.

Needless to say, Day 2 was a very full day for us. . . and Day 3 was just as eventful!


Day 3 - Lale (our hostess for our time in Chicago -- thank you Lale for being so hospitable!!) joined us at the show on Sunday. There were still a few booths that I really wanted to see, but was very focused on turning in my order forms that I had completed. While she and Johanna made lots of make-n-takes, I whisked up and down the aisles turning in orders.

The first order turned in was to One Heart-One Mind. I really, really like the "cut-a-part cardmakers." And the colors are wonderful, and the patterns are delish! I really think you will like them too!

Then, I stopped by Hero Arts and ordered a few of the Monogram Clear Sets. Yes, I know . . .Clear?? Very unlike me who loves my wood mounts, huh? BUT, these Monogram stamps sets are wonderful. Not only do you get the monogram, you get two or three "other" versions of the same letter, a swirl or paisley or other image, words that begin with that letter . . .it really is a great set! Besides, I just had to have a "C." Warning: These are not due to ship until mid-September.

I stumbled upon the Stamper's Anonymous booth and was able to see the new Tim Holtz stamps live and in person. OH Boy oh boy oh boy! I cannot wait till these come in! So glad I ordered them before I left for the show.

In that same booth, I saw the new fall/holiday supplement for Inky Antics and Art Gone Wild. I just love their stamps, too! AND they've come out with two new projects to do as well. . . I'll have to talk to Deb and see if she'd want to teach these projects. I bet she will! I can't wait! If she does teach . . . even I might take the class (I know . . .Cat in a class? Very unlike me, again!)

Moving on down the aisle, we have Art Impressions. I created the cutest little Halloween card using their new Simplet and a new stamp set. (Yep . . .I've got them on order.) In addition to Halloween stamps, I've also got some of the "Glamour in the City" stamps coming in, as well as those penguins! Remember them from last year? Well . . .they decided to spend this Christmas in Sunny San Diego . . .just wait till you see them! EVER ever ever so cute!

And right across from Art Impressions is Rubber Soul . . .creator of the Funky Monkey! And they've been very busy designing some great new images and idea boards. I just couldn't resist ordering the Funky Monkey board. They have our friend participating in all sorts of different activities. In addition to that Monkey board, I've got some of their new Halloween/Fall stamps on order. I love the witch shoes and hat. . .you will, too!

And, finally . . .Wordsworth. Thanks to the girls at Stampology, I just had to stop by the Wordsworth booth and place my order. They have GREAT new clear sets. (Yes . . . more clear sets) I'll be posting samples soon. . . be sure to check back. Anyway, the girls at Stampology were kind enough to show me samples using the new Halloween stamps and I just had to have them . . .after all, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Of course, I have more than just that on order . . .you are just going to love these new sets!

Whew . . .that's about it for ordering while at the show . . .but I have stacks and stacks of catalogs to go through still. Keep checking the blog to see what else I've got coming in. . .

Monday, July 24, 2006

Chicago . . .My Kind of Town

I'm home! Johanna and I had a great time . . .but I must admit that it's good to be back. I'll be posting over the next few days or so to give you updates on all the goodies I've got coming. Can't wait to share!

Friday, July 21, 2006

CHA - Day 1

Whew . . .that's about all I can say . . .well, maybe "whew" and "oooh my feet are tired."

Johanna and I are here in Chicago and just finished the first day at the CHA Tradeshow. We were able to meet up with Claudette from the justjohanna Design Team and walk around the floor. So much to see! Both Johanna and I are a little bit overwhelmed.

Claudette is an absolute delight to be with! She has a great sense of humor and truly loves this whole crafty industry. She was able to participate in some of the Make-N-Takes and I think she had a pretty good time.

I picked up a few catalogs, but really was just trying to take everything in visually so I could make up a map and come up with a plan of attack for Sat. and Sun.

One company that has really stuck in my head so far is OneHeart-OneMind. Fresh colors, fabu patterns . . .and really innovative ideas with one sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock called "cut-a-part cardmaker." We will definitely be going back to that booth tomorrow!

And Queen & Co. . .. oh dear what fun goodies she has! Cannot wait to order the new stuff. She's come out with some great new embellishments in some of my very favorite colors!

Stampendous and Hero Arts both have some very cute holiday images. And the new Monogram sets that are soon to be released are very, very tempting . . .Johanna almost has me conviced to "try them out" in the store . . .

After the show, we went and had a cup of coffee (or three) a nice sweet treat and just visited and chatted about what we saw . . .and then the coversation turned to who we saw. . .. Ali Edwards, Rhonna Farrer, Tim Holtz (who, by the way has new stamps . . .and I've got them on order. Did I mention that before?) to name a few.

Tomorrow is another day . . . but OH my, I am looking forward to seeing more and more goodies. Another update will be posted in the evening (assuming we get back at a decent hour) because we do have plans to head into the city to visit Stamp On In.

One last thing: Yes, Auntie Stu, I did have Italian Beef with sweet peppers. YUMMY!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cat's Pajamas NEW Fall Images

So, how cute are these samples from The Cat's Pajamas? These are just a few of the stamps that will be available when I get back from Chicago.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

August Stamp of the Month

I just couldn't wait any longer! I'm quite the animal lover (I've got two fur-kids who are EVER so spoiled!) and was thrilled with the August board from Great Impressions!

Just look how cute the stamps are! Hint: click on the image for a larger view.

Remember: You will receive 50% off the Stamp of the Month "Paw Background" with ANY $25.00 purchase, plus a picture of the display board, and instructions to complete the cards on the board. Sooooooo . . . that really cute background stamp would cost just $5.25! What a deal!

If you'd like a "sneak peek" of the display board, stop by and ask to see the picture. It is soooooooo cute!

I should receive the stamps Tuesday, August 1. Can't wait . . .can't wait . . .can't wait . . .can't wait!

The Windy City

Oh goodness! I'll be leaving for Chicago this Thursday to attend CHA (the largest craft trade show)! I'm so excited! Johanna is going, too . . .soooooooo I'm sure we'll be getting into all kinds of trouble (so many shopping opportunities)!

I'll be keeping my eyes open for all the latest and greatest products to bring home for you. I'm sure there will be an abundance of holiday merchandise to tempt me!

Speaking of holiday merchandise, new fall images from The Cat's Pajamas should be up on the shelves when I get back from Chicago. . . .oh dear . . .they are EVER so cute!

. . . and don't forget that Mike decided to have a Paper-Palooza while I'm gone. All of the new Wild Asparagus and Kaleidoscope Cardstock will be 25% off Thursday, July 20 thru Saturday, July 22. It's a great way for you to stock up on this fabu paper!

And if you want some embellishments to go with that paper, I've got a panel full of goodies at 50% off. Good while supplies last . . .and there's not too much left, so hurry.

And classes . . .oh my! We've got some great projects coming up on July 26, July 27, and August 5. All three are already 1/2 full. If you've been considering taking any of these classes . . .don't wait much longer to sign up . . .I have a feeling the rest of the spots are going to fill in no time!

Speaking of no time . . .probably won't have much time to post to the blog on Wednesday, but if you come by and say, "Hey, Cat . . .safe travels." I'll give you 10% off your entire purchase. (must be verbatim, in person, and on Wednesday, July 19. please note, discount cannot be carried forward) ; )

Off to look at the list of exhibitors and make notes of where to go first . . .

oh yes . . .please feel free to post a comment and let me know what you would like me to bring back. :D

Saturday, July 15, 2006

More Friends are Blogging and other blabber

Ahhhh . . .the new paper racks are up and loaded for your purchasing pleasure! And, you are most likely gonna want lots of it once you see samples on The Cat's Pajamas Blog featuring her new Winter images and Kaliedoscope cardstock! EVER so stinkin' cute!

I've got the new fall images from the Cat's PJs on the way . . .the Winter images will be ordered soon.

Speaking of The Cat's Pajamas . . . Alma and I have a friend in common . . .Eva, the owner of Stampin' EJ inside Debra's Cottage in Costa Mesa. Eva stopped by last week with Michi and Cathy. What a pleasure it was to meet them! I do hope to post pictures here soon. :D The next time you are up in the Costa Mesa area, stop by Eva's . . . you'll be in for a treat!

Oh yes . . . treats! I love treats . . . and I think it's very important that each of us takes very good care of ourselves. . . that includes getting treats. My treat today was a new book. I finally bought Claudine Hellmuth's Collage Discovery Workshop. Very excited to sit down and peruse that!

And I meant to post a message about another book that I have found to be very helpful with color composition (I tend to be challenged when it comes to color combinations). The book is called The Color Scheme Bible. I found it at Barnes and Noble in the Interior Design section. I highly recommend it if your looking to expand your pallettes while crafting, decorating, sewing . . it applies to many different hobbies! I have found that I'll just flip through the book just for fun . . .

Oh yes, Just for Fun . . .I've got some of their stamps coming in, too. Check out this GREAT display board:

You can click on the image to enlarge it to get a better view. Oh I can't wait to get these stamps! Should be here sometime in August . . .

Ah yes . . . August . . .the dog days of summer . . .that's the theme of the next Great Impressions Stamp of the Month . . .well, dogs, cats, and even a gold fish. You're gonna love these stamps for sure!

So many wonderful new goodies coming in . . . and I expect that even more will be on their way soon since I'll be heading the CHA next week. . . .

Ah yes, next week . . .perhaps you'll want to keep up on the blog. . .there might be a secret code word that could lead to wonderful things. . . hint, hint. . .

And, I will leave you hanging here with the suspense. . .

Friday, July 14, 2006

Paper-palooza Celebration!

Oh my goodness! That was a whole lotta paper to put away! 30 different patterns of the Kaleidoscope and 64 different patterns of the Wild Asparagus! But, I did get it done . . .well, pretty much, anyway. (Perhaps, I should say "we" since Johanna stayed with me after hours to help organize it. THANKS Johanna!)

Now then, I'll be heading out to Chicago to attend the CHA Trade Show. Sooooooooooo . . . since Cat's gonna be away, Mike is gonna play. He said he's going to have a Paper-palooza Celebration while I'm gone.

Mark your calendars . . . He has decided that the Kaleidoscope and Wild Asparagus cardstock will be 25% off suggested retail from Thursday, July 20 through Saturday, July 22. Isn't that ever so kind of him? What a great way for you to load up on this fabu paper!

Other news of today . . .I sent an order in to Lockhart . . .she has some really cute fall images! (I know . . .it seems a bit early for fall images, but it'll be here before you know it!)

Next on my list of ordering is . . . .gulp . . .Christmas stamps . . .I'll keep you updated as to what I've got coming in.


Oh my goodness!! The big brown truck is here! He's unloading more than 100 lbs of fabu paper! More updates a bit later today!

Oh man, am I doing the happy dance!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Challenge and New Goodies

Well . . .with being so wrapped up in getting internet access at the store, I almost forgot to post the August Challenge! Check it out and play along with us! I'd love to see what you come up with using this month's sketch. And since the August Challenge has been posted, be sure to stop by and vote for your favorite July entries!

The big brown truck stopped by today. YAHOO! Rosie's Roadshow has arrived! And just look at the samples using her new templates!

OH my! Are those swim trunks made from Urban Couture cardstock from Basic Grey? And is that apron made from the Memory Box cardstock? Why yes! YES they are!

Not only did Rosie's stuff come in, but so did Outlines! Check out some of their NEW images that I received! I just love those new background stamps! Soooooo many possibilities!

Now that all the new goodies are up on the shelves, I'm off and running to place a few orders.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We're Online!

Yahoo! I now have internet access at the Cupboard! I can check my email, update the website and blog, and surf the web for all the latest and greatest products out there!

No big brown truck yet . . . hopefully he'll be here soon.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Back!

Wow . . . what a wonderful week off! But, I must admit, it's good to be back at work. And what a wonderful first day back it was!

I received quite a bit of mail hinting about the upcoming releases at the Summer CHA show. I will be attending the show in Chicago July 20 - 24. No worries . . .the store will be open! Is there anything you want me to look out for? Let me know and I'll do what I can for ya!

The big brown truck stopped by and delivered the latest issue of PaperART Magazine. It's a quarterly magazine and covers everything from stamping to card making to scrapbooking to altered projects!

I expect to receive the NEW Rosie's Roadshow templates and Outlines stamps this week, as well. Possibly even tomorrow! AND . . .all that fabu cardstock from My Mind's Eye should be delivered by Friday! I've started moving stuff around to make room . . .and more mark downs have been done to help accomplish this task! Select product is marked down 35%! Some of the clearance stuff is marked down an additional 35% for a total saving of 65%!

And, since we're on to the subject of tomorrow . . . we should be on-line! (Assuming there are no glitches with the Self-install . . . wish me luck!)

Two other little tidbits . . . while on vacation, I stumbled across a great new scrapbook store in Temecula. It's called Inspire Me! Scrapbooks. Pat opened in March of this year and has many lovely things from which to choose! So . . .if you're in the Temecula area, be sure to check out her store.

And, since I know that you will be heading to Temecula to visit the scrapbook store, you might want to visit the new stamp store that opened in Quilter's Coop! It's called The Stampin' Post and it is a treat! Deb just opened last month and has some great stuff for you! Lots of IO for you Alesa Baker fans!

More updates will be posted tomorrow . . . hopefully, directly from the Cupboard!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Vacation Time

I'll be on vacation the week of July 3rd. . . .

Updates will resume upon my return on July 11th