Saturday, January 05, 2008

Heart Tiles

Let me begin by saying that watercoloring is quite a step out of my comfort zone. . . .I feel the need to color in all "white" space and stay within the lines . . .this goes back to my childhood.

I've been trying to step out of the box I seem to be stuck in and try new things (see Heart Board Book post), play more, experiment more . . .so, here's my shot at watercoloring:

What I used:
Heart Tiles stamp from Stampotique
Jasper Red Radiant Rain Mister
Pink Azalea Radiant Rain Dabber
Watercolor Cardstock
Frost White Colorbox ink
White Embossing Powder
Azalea Shimmer Cardstock by Prism
Scallop Scissors
Paint brush

How to:
Stamp and emboss image with white ink and powder onto watercolor cardstock
Dip wet paint brush directly into the Jasper Red Radiant Rain (I don't really need to say, "remove lid from bottle," do I?)
Paint hearts (I just kind of randomly chose which hearts would be Jasper Red)
Rinse brush well and paint remaining hearts with Pink Azalea Radiant Rain
For the "tiles" around each heart, I dipped the brush in water after dipping it in the Pink Azalea so the color wouldn't be so saturated.
Finally, (yes, I was holding my breath through the whole painting process . . .remember, I'm way out of my comfort zone here) rinse brush really well with clean water and then do a "wash" over the whole thing. Some of the Jasper Red blended outside the tiles to make it appear that I actually know how to watercolor. :D
Trim stamped image so there's about 1/8" border
Mount on white cardstock
Mount on Azalea Shimmer stock; trim with Scallop scissors
Another layer of white, final layer on Azalea Shimmer . . .
Viola! It's a card (that measures 4.25"x 4.25")!

Now . . photography (kinda like watercoloring) isn't really my forte, so what doesn't show in the picture very well is the shimmer from the Radiant Rain or the Shimmer stock . . . but it does shimmer.

And if you want to see some gorgeous watercoloring, head over to Stamping Mathilda's.

Whew! I'm going to go back in my box for a little while . . . thanks for checking the Blog today!


Anonymous said...

I love that you're posting these how-to projects, Cat! This is great- I love the color of the background! Delicious!

Godelieve said...

FABULOUS card Cat! Your watercoloring looks really good!
Thanks for the link to my little corner of blogland ;)