Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Play with Paints

I love my new brushes . . .I love my paints . . .I've been "plainting!" (Plainting = playing + painting).

Here are the first few "justapplypaintstothepagesandseewhathappensbecausethatishowthisjourneyisgoingtohappen" pages.
I've had a few mishaps. . . I hate to say "mistakes" because I keep hearing over and over again that there are no rules in art. . . but, mishaps indeed!
One of those pages actually resembled something similar to a poopy diaper . . .alas, I jumped over to the Land of Lost Luggage and the remedy was there!

Thank you Julie for your inspiration, tutorials, tips, and encouragement!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lord! THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!! Email me close-ups!! Cat- these really are good...very sophisticated!!!

To avoid poop...watch the mixing of mineral colors...the opaque kind. Instead of mixing them, add one to the page...let dry completely, and then add the second color.