Thursday, February 05, 2009

He was Right!

Santa didn't have his sleigh today . . . after all, it is off-season for him . . . I guess that's why the big brown truck brought 61 lbs (SIXTY-ONE!) of sparkly goodness!

Yahoo! ALL of the Shimmering Mists & Radiant Rain Daubers from Luminarte have arrived! AND, there's new packaging for the Shimmering Mists! It now comes in a flip-top bottle with an empty spritzer!

some of you may recall that I had listed a different company, but it is my job to keep an eye out for the best value for you. Let's just put it this way . . . shimmering mist-wise, you get twice as much for $1.00 less! Dauber-wise, you get the same amount for $2.00 less! besides, Luminarte's customer service just can't be beat! I am confident that you will love Luminarte's Radiant Rain as much as I do!

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