Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday was a Monday

And usually, Monday is one of my favorite days . . . it's my day off. I usually do some work, but I try not to do too much.

So anyway . . . I was up fairly early this past Monday, got some stuff done and had run a few errands. I get my stuff together, head outside and Emily (that's my car) decided that she wasn't going to go anywhere on her day off.

Nope . . .my car wouldn't start. ***sigh***

Back into the house I go . . . thinking, "eh, the errands can be done tomorrow . . .nothing too pressing that has to be done today. Besides, I can catch up on laundry, run a vacuum, and straighten the kitchen."

Into the garage I go and start the laundry. Back into the house and run a vacuum. By the time I'm done, well . . . check the laundry. Into the dryer the clean clothes go . . . press start. Um. No. Apparently, the dryer has also decided to take the day off.

By now, I'm a little bit leery to use any other major (or minor) appliance . . . after all, I'm beginning to see a pattern, here.

So, what do I do now? After a few pondering for a few moments, I decide to do something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. . . . I apologize in advance for the glare in photos, but unless you see it (or at least sort of see it), it just wouldn't make sense.

Ready? Here we go:

This is a Thick Storage Solution case by Stampendous:
This is how I store my cling stamps . . .notice, I use both the top AND the bottom of the case. By doing so, I'm able to fit four Studio 490 sets (and these sets come with some mighty big stamps) into ONE case:Herein lies the problem when the case is closed . . . I'm not too sure what I'm looking at:
So, I sat down and stamped an index sheet for each case. . . .a little bit of double-sided tape and Viola! I can now see exactly what is in each case and I don't have to try and read sentiments backwards:
The cases fit perfectly in a magazine holder (totally scored at Staples one day . . .$0.50 each in the Clearance section):
So that's how I spent a good portion of my Monday . . . finally accomplishing something that I've wanted to do for a while.

Thank you Emily and Mr. Dryer. . .I've been much more productive in my studio now that my storage cases are all indexed and organized. . .

Thanks for stopping by today!


Jilly said...

That's some mighty good lemonade you made with those lemons!!!!!!!

Love your idea!

Kerry H said...

This is how I store my stamps, both acrylic and unmounted rubber.
It has made a huge difference! Now I can find the stamp I am looking for and it's easy to grab. Hooray for Stampendous for a terrific inexpensive product.