Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Have you seen this thing?? It is soooooo cool! It's like a Rolodex . . .only the base, shown above, is more sturdy (and you can paint it, decoupage it, Alcohol ink it, cover it with fabric or paper, stamp it . . .) and the pages are made from chipboard. . . good chipboard. . . white on one side and gray on the other. Here's a sample of a decorated one:
And it comes packaged in a Gable Box! Sooooooo alterable! And refill pages are available, too. I think one of these goodies is going home with me today . . .

On to other goodies . . . the latest issue of RubberStamp Madness has arrived . . .filled with lots o' good articles . . .and fantastic artwork (of course!)

Okay . . .back to dusting the shelves . . .

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