Friday, April 24, 2009

And Now Back . . .

. . . to our regularly scheduled program.

Soooooo, last weekend (after Julie's Mixed Media Class --- which was a blast!), Shari & I jumped on a plane and headed up to San Francisco. . . remember? I promised I'd post pictures of the projects we made . . .

(pssst . . . hey Shari! I need your stuff so I can take pics!)

Well . . .here they are:

This little house was designed by Alma De La Rosa. We used stamps from American Art Stamp. Do you love that tree stamp, or what?! AND . . . the house actually OPENS!

This treasure box was made using Cosmo Cricket stuff . . . yes, I ordered the paper. (I admit, this got a little bit munched on the plane ride home . . . but I'll be able to fix it!)
It's a Dog Tag . . . using stuff from Ten Seconds Studio . . . LOVED this stuff . . . lots of it is on the way!

A keychain using stuff from Hampton Art . . . they have a great Glue Pad . . and I was quite sparkly when I was done with this project . . .glitter, glitter everywhere, on my face, in my hair . . .you get the idea.

A Junk Journal using stuff by 7 Gypsies. Their Binderie Punch is something else! Battery operated and goes through board book like butter!

A Travel Journal using stuff by TPC Studios. I really like their embellishments and paper . . . yes, I ordered their paper . . . and embellishments . . . where am I going to put it all?! Perhaps that's why the spinner landed on "frantic"?

Did you think I forgot to type in some notes about these cards? Oh baby . . . this was a marathon of a class! Eight cards in 90 minutes! It was great fun and I felt as though I had been re-introduced to Rubber Soul. . . nice clean lines, easy to work with, and great quotes. Yep . . .lots of stamps (and more paper --- egads!) are on the way.

Finally, my Grungebook. I'm very proud of this project . . . by the time class was over, I thought I was going to fall over . . . . Mr. Tim Holtz (yep! he was the instructor, LIVE and in person) said that this may have been a little ambitious for a 90 minute class . . . he was right. The class lasted 2.5 hours . . . and worth absolutely every second!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Anonymous said...

What the what?? I need that metal produt immediately!

Cassi said...

Continuation of our conversation last weekend...did you try anything new to adhere paper to chipboard/grungeboard in all of these classes? I'm going to try out ZipDry again this weekend. Thanks!