Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Big Brown Truck. . . .

. . . stopped by today with more goodies!

Yep . . . the September Stamp of the Month has arrived! AND, so did Memory Box! Ooooooh my! That new 6x6 Spooky Pack is EVER so cute! And the stamps! I love the Candy Pumpkin!

AND . . .I received a flyer from Hero Arts today. They are ready to ship their new clear Monogram Stamp Sets. They are a must have! I already have some on order (placed at CHA), but will be working up to having all of them. As well as some sort of incentive program to make it easier for you to get the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

Here's a picture of the "A" set just to give you an idea. Each letter comes as a set and has similar accent, lower case, and image stamps. Soooooooo . . . .keep checking the blog to see what the special deal will be. :D


justjohanna said...

I want 'em!!!!

Debbie said...

Me, too!