Sunday, September 16, 2007

Before & After

Ta-da! Finally got around to uploading before and after pics of the new store:
Isn't that "graffiti" lovely there on that back wall?
Okay, the only good thing in this pic is my very cute hubby. How gross is that carpet??
Can you say, "BLUE!" It took two gallons of primer to cover that up!
Some nice slatwall soon to be filled with goodies. . .
And here are the after pics . . . .
Look! No more icky carpet!
One of my favorite things about the new store are the paper trays for the Prism Cardstock. All 90 colors fit perfectly there . . .and all the trays are neatly labeled with the color making it so easy to find just the color you're looking for.
Here's where the inks and paints and stuff are . . .for the most part . . . I still have a few more trays to put up. . . and I'm kinda hooked on Golden Products . . .I'm thinking about bringing in that line . . . any takers??
Stamps! I actually ran out of shelves . . .I still have about four more trays of stamps to put up on the wall . . . and look look look at the shutters! I have a real window now!
Here's a view taken from the front door . . .

And that concludes our tour for today. . . thank you for joining us. ; )


Cathrine StClair said...

What a cute store! Congratulations

Emilia said...

How great!! I love your shop