Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The NEW Adirondack Pigment ink pads are here!
And of course, I had to bring a few home to test them out.

What?. . . it's a new product . . .I've gotta try them so I can speak intelligently about them, right? (see how I justify bringing stuff home with me?)

Okey dokey . . .I don't have pics yet because, really, all I did was test each color on a piece of scrap paper. BUT, here's what I did find:

1. The ink pads are FULLY loaded with ink
2. The pad itself is nice and firm (makes inking a stamp easy. . .no pounding necessary)
3. There are plastic covers under the lid . . .keep them. Although, I had one or two that took a little bit of elbow grease to remove. Be patient . . a tug this way, a pull that way and it will release.
4. These inks stamp beautifully! Rich, saturated color! Even the Snow Cap showed up well on Chocolate Brown, Dark Olive Green and Light Peachy cardstock.
5. Being a pigment ink, it dried quite fast, too!

Once again Ranger has introduced a very high quality product . . .but, did I really need to say that? High Quality is what they're about!

Gotta have 'em? Click here to order!

Next . . .I'll be testing out the NEW Memento Ink Pads from Tsukineko . . stay tuned!

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