Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Watch a Toaster

Remember that old saying? You know . .. if you stand over a toaster, your toast will take twice as long?

Well . . .the same goes for the Distress Crackle Paint. tee hee

I brought some home tonight . . .I've been dying to try this stuff! Besides, I needed to make color swatches for the store. (can you hear the rationalization going on?)

Okay . . .so I've got all of my little tags on the table, a box with my non-stick craft sheet ready to catch my painted tags. . .which, btw, if you don't have one of those non-stick craft sheets, I highly recommend it. It's fabu for all sorts of stuff!

Tangent . . .sorry . . . . it's late . . .I spent the weekend in Vegas, so I'm a bit tired.

Back to the Crackle Paint:

There I am happily painting my tags and neatly placing them in the box . . .I figure that by the time I get to the fourth or fifth tag, the first tag should be "crackling" right? Wrong.

So, I keep painting . . . and I check again . . .still no crackles. Hmph . . .

Finally, after 24 tags, I think, "They've gotta be crackling by now, right?" Barely.

Hmph . . .I don't think I like this stuff. . . ***sigh*** . . . on to another project. . . so I start working on the next project . . . and about 10 minutes into it, I look over at my box with all my painted tags, and . . .oh GREAT! All the tags are curled!! Now what??

duh . . . of course they curled . . . paper does that when it gets wet. (Like I said, I'm still recovering from Vegas)

Fine. . . .let's start reshaping the tags . . . if nothing else, at least they're pretty colors. . . so, I pick up the first tag and start curling it the other way and guess what?? Lo and Behold! They were crackled!! And it looks soooooooooooo cool!

Lessons learned: Don't watch a toaster OR painted tags. . . .oh, one more thing . . .the thicker the paint is applied the better the crackles. . . .and, try to get more than three hours of sleep per night while in Vegas.

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Claudette said...

I know what you mean about not watching the toaster... :)