Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego Wildfires

10:00 pm Update - The good news is that we haven't received that 2nd call for a mandatory evacuation. We are, however, still on alert. The winds are still kicking pretty good here. I can see an orange glow on the hills if I stand in my driveway. Nerve-wracking to say the least.

I have a couple of friends who have been part of the mandatory evacuation and have spoken to them briefly . . .they are all okay. . . whew!

Thanks to all of you for the emails and comments! It is so appreciated.

Oddly enough, I've been doing the same thing that Deb has been doing. . . sitting at my craft table and coloring. Helps keep my mind from wandering to the horrible land of "Whatif."

I'll keep you updated . . . thanks again for all your thoughts!

2:30 pm Update - We have received the "Prepare to Evacuate" call, which means we will most likely have a mandatory evacuation in another hour or so.

If you have placed an online order within the past few days, please note there will probably be a delay in shipment until things clear up around here.


Just a quick post. Here are some pictures taken from my front and back yards. The fires are moving quickly . . .and the winds are pretty bad.

The picture above is taken from my driveway.

This is a palm tree in my neighbor's backyard to give you an idea of how strong the wind is.

This is taken from my backyard facing southwest.

This one is another from the backyard facing pretty much south.

I can only hope that people are heeding the advice of the police and fire department and evacuating when told to do so. . . .


Godelieve said...

How scary! Good thoughts to you Cat!

moon said...

Dear Cat,
I also heard about the wildfire from my friend in San Diego...
It's really terrible!
I hope everything will be fine!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cat,

Hope you are staying safe. Thanks for the picture up-date. Hope to hear from you soon.