Thursday, June 22, 2006

Magnificent Magenta and other Babblings

Oh my friend who drives the big brown truck stopped by today. He had a lovely box from Magenta! Oh what fun some of those images are!

I've been busy all week re-arranging the shelves to make room for all the new! And, here it is, Thursday and I still don't have all the stamps back on the shelves. I'm really hoping to have everything in its place tomorrow.

Especially since that 32 lbs of yummy cardstock is due! (See Urban Couture post) Still can't wait to see that stuff live and in person!

Outlines has some new images that I really want to order . . .I even have the order form ready to go! But, it hasn't yet made it to the fax machine (sorry Deb! I promise I'll do it first thing next week). Here are a few of the new images that I'll be ordering.

Since I will be on vacation July 3rd, I'm kinda holding off on sending any more orders in. I don't want that stuff showing up while I'm gone . . .that would be tragic to come back only to find out that all the fun goodies were "returned to sender."

Yes . . . you read that correctly . . .I will be on vacation. The store will be closed the week of July 3rd and we'll re-open on Tuesday, July11. I know, I know . . . but it's a one woman show at the store (with the exception of all of the fabulous teachers and DT Members . . .and they all have j-o-b-s) and I really need some time off . . ..

Besides . . . Christmas (aaaaaackkk! I said THAT word) is just around the corner so I've gotta start preparing the store for that! (um . . .this is a hint, just so you know.)

Okay . . .off to update that website . . .

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