Tuesday, June 20, 2006

UPS & FedEx Today!

Yes! Not only did the big brown truck show up with lots of goodies, so did the big white truck! More on that later . . .

Before I forget, I wanted to mention a class coming up on June 28. This a class in which you will actually get to take the stamp home with you!

Okay, back to the goodies!

Today, I received 3 (count 'em THREE!) new issues of those fabu Aussie Magazines, and the latest Cards Magazine . . . oh I can't wait to curl up on the couch to flip through them!

Now onto stamps:

Here's a scan of some of the images I received today. (I scan about as well as I photograph, so I apologize if it's kinda blurry). I'm hoping you'll be able to get an idea of what they look like. The color image of the six pairs of shoes is ONE hugabundous stamp! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when I saw that! Ahem . . .I sort have a thing for flip flop stamps. I love flip flop stamps. I don't know why . . .I just do. So, of course, if they come out with flip flop stamps, I have to have all of them . . . and those sea creatures. . .had to have them, too! Imagine little sparklies on that fish! How cute would that be??

One more thing: these are not actual size.

Yippee! Those mice (House Mouse, that is) . . . they came in as well . . .so did those big, bold sentiment stamps from Penny Black. I was busy, busy, busy checking it all in and getting them up on the shelves!

Off to update the website!

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