Friday, June 30, 2006


The Memory Box stamps arrived . . . but I didn't get the display board. Bummer. But I should have it when I return from vacation.

The Great Impressions Stamps will be here today! Remember: You will receive the Stamp of the Month at 50% off with any $25 purchase, plus a picture of the board, plus instructions to complete the projects on the board. And this month, I was able to order the cardstock used. . .which introduced me to Kaleidascope cardstock . . . which brings me to the point below . . . .

Ahem . . .and about that cardstock from My Mind's Eye . . .well, I couldn't decide which patterns to order. So, to make it easy, I ordered Wild Asparagus, Series 3 and Kaleidascope, Series 3. All of it. :D

Now, it won't be in until after I return from vacation, but I'm planning something fun for the un-veiling. I've really gotta do something about my obsession with paper.

**Reminder: I'll be on vacation the week of July 3.**

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