Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And the Winners Are . . .


Congratulations ladies! Please use the link to the right to email me so I can send you your Coupon Code.

The total number of Penguins shown in the picture is: 122

Stay tuned for another game of "How Many . . . "

This little guy is from The Cat's Pajamas . . .and he is ever so cute! I've been working on bag toppers for Jingle Bell Cruise (which is this Sat., December 1st) and thought it would be fun to play a game.

Can you guess how many penguins there are? The first three people who guess closest to the actual number without going over will receive 10% off any on-line purchase!

Ready? GO!


Cindy said...

48 ??

I don't want to be entered into the comp, thank you, I just wanted to guess LOL. My 18-month old has a 'thing' for penguins at the moment so I thought I should have a go.

alma said...


Anonymous said...

I think 96.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't being anonymous.
My name is Theresa Dalzell-Wells
My guess is 96

Anonymous said...

Hi Cat!! Well, I'm going to play of course!! I'll try the number 39??

I would also like to thank you so much for linking my blog from here! My information has changed to www.stampedsmiles.com . If you could update this information, I would appreciate that!! Of course, I have this blog and your store linked to my new location!! THANKS!! :) Can't wait to buy more when Christmas is over!!! :)