Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lots o' Mags

Yippee! Not only did the big brown truck stop by with a box of The Stamper's Sampler Magazine, the big white truck stopped by with a box of PaperTrends Magazine! I just love new magazines . . .there is always so much inspiration in each issue . . .and each magazine is so different.

So, in between putting the new mags up on the rack, and dusting some of those very dusty shelves, I did manage to send off an order for some new mice . . .who are EVER so stinkin' cute dressed up for Halloween! Little Monica looks so sweet dressed up as a butterfly . . .

Ooooh! And I did receive the Great Impressions board (pics will be posted tonight, not only of the board but of a few other samples as well). The board is soooooo cute! Of course how could it not be? Just look at how cute those stamps are! Which brings me to: I should have the stamps by Tues., Aug. 1st. Those puppies, I think, will be going home with me. :D

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