Sunday, January 25, 2009

Show is Open!

Whooooooo - eeeeeee! What a day!

We walked at least 5 miles today . . .up and down aisle after aisle . . . with eye-candy everywhere . . . we even had an opportunity to do a few Make-n-Takes. . .

I had planned on coming home tomorrow, but we might be staying an extra night . . .I still have so much more to see!

Okay, okay . . . enough yapping . . .here are a few pics for ya! (And I'll be posting more later . . . along with more yapping about who we saw, what we made, etc., etc. . . .)

Here's Mr. Tim Holtz:

Cute cute cute Changito Stamps:

NEW Flower Soft colors:
LOVE this canvas book by Chatterbox! Can you just imagine what you could do to this?!?:

Look, look, look at this house painted with Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Artist paints (which I got to use today . . .LOVE them!):

A sample from the Stamper's Anonymous booth (more to come later):

Jillibean Soup! (more on this great new line later!)

Check back soon for more pics and updates!

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Melody said...

Thanks for sharing. Enjoying the pics.